Thermal insulation of the roof is necessary to avoid temperature variations. Since the roof represents the largest wall in contact with the exterior, thermal losses can represent up to 30% in the event of poor insulation.

In addition to increasing the energy consumption of the house (heating and ventilation), a poorly insulated roof lets in cold and humidity in winter as well as heat in summer, which considerably reduces the lifespan of the house. . In addition, the comfort of the inhabitants will be strongly impacted.

There are two options for effectively insulating the roof: interior or exterior insulation. Find out how to detect a poorly insulated roof and the subsidies available to finance your roof renovation project.

Why insulate your roof?

First, it must be said that poor insulation changes the ambient temperature of the house by creating differences from one room to another. The result will be a considerable lack of comfort for its inhabitants.

In the second step, note that a house with poor insulation will require both more air conditioning in summer and more heating in winter. The logical and unfortunate consequence that will follow will obviously be an increase in your electricity bill, a situation that you will want to avoid at all costs.

Finally, insulating the roof allows you to avoid the dire consequences of water infiltration, as well as all the problems surrounding rising humidity levels, such as condensation and mold growth.

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